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Unfortunately this social dosage evil in the same way as other social evils, notably prostitution, is one in which the great difficulty which society finds in handling it, is that it is much easier to point out the evil and direct attention to it, than it is to formulate or lay down any practical means of overcoming it.

If leche the bowels are costive, they must be relieved by injections, or mild purgatives. With - unless one thoroughly examines, under ether, and feels perfectly sure that the parts surrounding the uterus are not participating in the disease, total extirpation should not be performed, as the immediate shock, the complications following and during healing of the wound, are certainly far greater. Frequently, cases of persistent otorrhea are materially helped and resolution is hastened by means of remedies directed to the general condition tablets of the patient. Lincicum, who says he has been anxious on in the subject for years. The author therefore held that all tendency toward emmetropia and myopia was pathological, not TREATMENT OF MUSCULAR ASTHENOPIA AND ITS The paper was a statistical one, from which certain of deductions were drawn. Over - badly constructed, or broken into by nails, etc., thus allowing smoke to escape therefrom. He brought used a boxful of small stones, representing what he thought to be a fourth part of the total he had voided. The patient then passed from The object of the paper was to point out the relation that exists between the ability to close one effects eye independently of the other and the acuteness of vision. Says that a tree, which grows about Mecca, for is so called. Yarious writers have given passing notice to this uncertain human element in the Wassermann reaction, but they have spoken of it under the name of"faulty "production" technic." Thus. No appreciation of eugenical questions can be approached without the milk analysis of society in its constructive units, and from a physical conception.

Creative cellular forces what are traced back in emliryology to the protoplasm, and the primal cleft. Suture preferably metoclopramide through muscular coat only; chrome catgut suture then inserted so as to make a subsequent quilt suture.


They communicate a p)eeuliar odour to and the urine. The second factor is disturbances in the hydraulics and physics of the act or urination through natural variations in the calibre of the urethra or through changes of disease, such as strictures, dilatations, old abscess cavities, fistulae, and the like, or through migraines the deformities of anatomical abnormalities, such as diverticula or through the deformations of operations, each in its own way leading to arrest, retention, decomposition, and precipitation of the urine, with infection as the rule and without infection as the rare exception. Pulsation is felt all over the cardiac, epigastric, and hepatic regions (is).

Or, by aggravating and hastening the development to of pre-existing disposition to tubercle. A drive of ten miles and back over a rough road in the forenoon, and a similar ride in another direction in mg the afternoon, with other calls saudwiched in, and an obstetric case in the night make considerable draughts on the energy of even the most vigorous man; and when we consider that the country doctor is generally a farmer as well, and think of the social demands on his time (he is often Superintendent of the Sunday School, leader of the" Class Meeting," or the" Prayer Meeting," President of the" Debating Society," or"Literary Club," perhaps"Chairman of the School Board"), we wonder at his powers of endurance and the extent and variety of his labors, and we feel that he rather deserves praise that he is so useful a man rather than blame that he has done so little for medical science.

This drug, like the other derivatives of the aromatic breastfeeding series, is anti-septic, anti-thermic and analgesic. As a class, they are a disgrace to civilization and the humanity, and could more properly be designated aspest houses.

An enlarged, smooth prostate was discovered per rectum, counter enucleated, and found to contain numerous prostatic stones of reddish hue. Barach calls our attention to iv an interesting phase of this topic, which he believes is not generally recognized and the explanation of which is almost unknown. In the aortic area there was on the twentieth day a slight systolic murmur propagated upwards, a loud diastolic sound downwards; in and about the mitral area was heard an aortic systolic murmur not present 10 when this illness began; a slight crepitus was heard in the middle of both backs. It is certainly an error to ascribe to sewer air death-dealing properties, but it would be a more serious mistake to undervalue the evil influence of sewer air, it is necessary to dilute, change, and ventilate the air in sewers (get).

This was a period of dull, rainy and damp weatluM' (how). If inflammation is present, it can side be reduced by daily applications of large, wet dressings of Thiersch's solution or aluminum acetate, covered with a firm gauze bandage.

Each online of these cases had some motion upon leaving the hospital.


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